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… is an emergency physician and medical toxicologist  from Rhode Island who enjoys taking photographs of both beautiful living and inanimate, yet dynamic objects. His unstaged, close, hand held works use only natural light—allowing the viewer to see the fleeting combination of light, breeze, background, and imperfections they would have seen if they were with the artist when the image was taken. The photographs are meant to remind us that we are surrounded by magnificence, easily appreciated, if we just take a moment to pay attention to the world that surround us and really open your eyes.

I was raised in a family of public school teachers, who valued experience, education and teaching. My summers invariably involved spending hours and hours in museums across the world creating my style and interests within the images displayed.


These interests are reflected in the broad and varied subject matter--and ranges from beautiful and vibrant flowers; to a collection of manhole covers; to found objects on the streets of Providence with a special focus on discarded alcohol bottles.


To get these images, I work primarily with a handheld camera and a stock lens. Hours of patience holding my camera with steady hand to photograph swaying flowers.


There are three ways I display my work as artistic pieces—a labor intensive epoxy coated preparation, in a reclaimed and restored frame, or in a locally manufactured custom-made new frame—a variety for anyone to chose what would fit with their personal taste.


THE PROCESS: Each EPOXY covered signed photograph is very labor intensive to create but augments the image with a high gloss, high vibrancy permanent finish.  A photograph is applied to a painted and sealed cradled board with high tack permanent glue.  If perfectly aligned, it’s allowed to dry. Days later the work is checked for the development of bubbles and quality of adherence. Then the 2 part epoxy is applied, blow torched to remove bubbles and allowed to dry for 48 hours. Epoxy drips are then removed with a razor from the frame and a dust cover is applied to the reverse. 

At each stage, there are countless ways to destroy the work – I’ve done them all.

My works presented in RECLAIMED AND RESTORED FRAMES are sourced in frames that I have found by scouring yard sales and second hand stores. The frames are disassembled, repaired, refinished and often repainted. This recycling gives these beautiful frames a new chance to shine and is environmentally responsible.


The third way I display my work is in CUSTOM, HAND MADE FRAMES, sourced here in Rhode Island.  Each frame is individually made by a craftsman who hand cuts the mat and creates a frame that works with the specific image. Supporting local businesses is important to me. 


These and other beautiful images are available for purchase – all as either individual matted prints or in custom-made frames and some presented in epoxy or reclaimed frames. 

For any questions or interest in pricing and purchases, please contact me at

Thank you for your interest!

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